1. Installation:

a) Login to Admin Panel.

b) Go to System > Cache Management


c)  Check all options and then select the action to disable and submit.

d) Extract the archive Extension

e) Move the app folder in Magento2 root directory.

f) After successfully uploading the folder, run the command on Magento2 root directory-“php bin/magento setup: upgrade”

Also, run this command in the Magento2 Root: “php bin/magento setup: static-content:deploy”.


2. Configuration:

Step 1: After the extension is installed, you can find its settings in  Reports > Web2Market Inc > W2M Report Wizard in store admin.


Step 2: Click on W2M Report Wizard. You will see the following: 

Step 3: Select existing report, then load the report data.

Then click to show report and you will see the report data.



We have provided an export option for the report data in CSV format.

When you click the export button, you can save as a csv.



Step 4: If you want to save or update the report, select yes and update your SQL syntax. Then click to show report.


Step 5: You can easily create new report and delete existing report.