Before Installing the Extension, backup your web directory and store database. Then, log into the admin panel and then clear the cache.

Go to your admin dashboard and navigate to System> Cache Management



Step 1 : Extract the archive (

Step 2 : Upload the app and lib folder in Magento2 root directory. If you purchased extension from Marketplace then you need to download "lib" folder here.


Step 3 : Now after the successful upload,  Open the terminal (cmd), then  run the command on Magento2 root directory-“php bin/magento setup: upgrade”

Run this command in the Magento2 Root- “php bin/magento setup: static-content:deploy”

User Guide:

STEP: 1 Click to Sales->W2M Dimensional Containers


STEP: 2 Click to Add Container for adding Container 




STEP: 3 Fill information and then click to save button



STEP: 4 Click to Catalog->Products



STEP: 5 Click to Edit or Add Product


STEP: 6 Fill product Dimensional information and save. If you want to use your own box for dimensional shipping so you can set the useownbox option enable and then rate will be used ownbox dimensions.


STEP: 7 Click to Store->Configuration



STEP: 8 Click to Sales->Shipping Method (Delivery Methods)



STEP: 9 Select yes option for enabling dimensional rates under the shipping method you want to use.


STEP: 10 Please Place an order with Dimensional product and you will see the UPS shipping with dimensional rates on checkout cart and checkout page.

STEP: 11 Click to Sales ->Order



STEP: 12 Click to View for checking which container are using this order



STEP: 13 Used Container

a) If you assign dimensions to product.

b)  If you didn’t assign dimension to the product you will get massage in you order about and didn’t get any container details in order.






c) If you want to use own container for product.

The own container is user in order for the product.