Instructions for Custom Report Wizard


Clear the store cache under var/cache and all cookies for your store domain. Disable compilation for Magento 1.4+. This step eliminates almost all potential problems. It's necessary since Magento uses cache heavily.

Backup Your Data

Backup your store database and web directory.

Download and Extract

Upload Files

Step 1

Navigate inside the Web2Market_Report directory. Use your FTP client to upload the content of Web2Market_Report directory to your store root.

Step 2 

Refresh your Magento admin by logging out and then back in. 

Step 3 

Refresh the sites cache and re-index site.

Site 4

Verify extension has been installed and is enabled by checking System >Configuration >Advance > Web2Market_Report


Step 1

Go to Report> Web2Market Reports and select existing report.





Step: 2

If you want to save or update report than select to yes and update your sql syntax and click to show report




After the extension installation the store gives an error, or blank page, or suggests starting Magento installation procedure.

There is no Web 2 Market extensions under my configuration section, or having the extension tab clicked I get a blank page, or Access Denied error.

I've set up everything correctly, inserted the HTML code but there is nothing on that page.

My configuration changes do not appear on the store.

Additional Questions or Issues

Thank you.