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  • Installation
  • Configuration
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1. Installation: Click on Add App Button 

Add Your Store URL and Login and then  In your Shopify admin, to authorize the use of the app, click Install app.

2. Configuration: Login to admin panel and go to Apps →  Spee-Dee Shipping

You will see SpeeDee Shipping method. Click on enable to check out.

if you want to add a handling Fee in the SpeeDee shipping and show Shipping to a specific region, you can create a shipping profile Go to Settings→ Shipping and Delivery 

Click on Create new Profile 

You can show Shipping for product and Region, Click on Manage Product for selecting Product and Click on Create Shipping Zone for select region and then Click on Add Rate Button 

Select Use carrier or app to calculate rates after that select Spee Dee(Rates provided by app) Option in the dropdwon and choose Spee dee Option and then add then Handling Fee

3. Front End: SpeeDee shipping method appears as such

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