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Our integration provides an automated way to move orders from Shopify into ZohoBooks.  It saves data entry, speeds order processing and improves the customer experience. 

How to configure your ZohoBooks server API detail:

Our service needs to be able to access your Shopify software.  Contact your ZohoBooks support representative for these system details.  Once you have them, you can login to our app and configure settings.

  1. Login to your Shopify store admin panel
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Click on “ZohoBooks Integration” Apps

  4. Goto Setting page
    1. ZohoBooksAPI setting
      1. Select ZohoBooks into API field
      2. Organization ID (You will get your organizations after successfully connect with Zohobooks)
      3. Client ID and Client Secret
        1. Goto
        2. Login Your Zoho account if not logged-in
        3. Click on "ADD CLIENT" button
        4. Select "Server-based Applications"
        5. Add "Client Name" as you like
        6. Add "Homepage URL" as
        7. Add "Authorized Redirect URIs" as
        8. Click on "CREATE" button
        9. Get your "Client ID" and "Client Secret"
      4. Put that "Client ID" and "Client Secret" select field and click on save button
      5. Click on "Connect with Zoho" link (see below screenshot)
      6. Accept scope from Zoho (After accept it you will redirect to APP again )
      7. Now you can get your organizations
      8. Select your organization and save setting.
  5. Export Setting
    1. Enable Export field to export order into ZohoBooks

How to Manually Export orders from Shopify to ZohoBooks

  1. Goto Order -> Manual Order Export (inside APP)
    1. Add Order Starting ID (empty = Start from beginning)
    2. Add Ending ID (empty = until the last order)
    3. Select Status of order
    4. Select Financial Status
    5. Select Fulfillment Status
    6. Set Date Range From
    7. Set Date Range To
    8. Export only order not yet exported (Checked if you want to export that order only which is not exported till now)
    9. Test Export (Means not consider export orders)

How to Set Auto Export orders from Shopify to ZohoBook

  1. Goto Order ->Auto orders export (inside APP)
    1. Enable (Check for Auto export orders)
    2. Select Status of order
    3. Select Financial Status
    4. Select Fulfillment Status
    5. Set Date Range From
    6. Set Date Range To

Orders listing

  1. In this page you can see your orders, if not just click on sync button.

Execution Log

  1. In this page you can see your execution log file. Means manual and auto sync order XML file.

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