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                                                  iv.     Save it

How to Manually Export orders from Shopify to ACUMEN

  1. Go  From with the app, go to Order -> Manual Order Export (inside APP)
    1. Add an Order Starting ID (empty = Start from beginning)
    2. Add an Ending ID (empty = until the last order)
    3. Select Status of order
    4. Select Financial Status
    5. Select Fulfillment Status
    6. Set Date Range From
    7. Set Date Range To
    8. Export only order not yet exported (Checked check if you want to export that order only which is orders not marked as previously exported till now)
    9. Test Export (Means not consider export ordersmeans orders are not marked as exported)

How to Set Auto Export orders from Shopify to ACUMEN

  1. Go to Order -> Auto orders export (inside APP)
    1. Enable (Check for Auto export orders)
    2. Select Status of order
    3. Select Financial Status
    4. Select Fulfillment Status
    5. Set Date Range From
    6. Set Date Range To

The Product Listing page

  1. Here you can see all product products in Shopify
  2. If your Shopify For products already exists in your store Shopify, you can set ISBN and ACUMEN codes for them.


  1. Why do I need to Map my Shipping Name?
    1. If you want to create like Shopify have Fedex and ACUMEN should have "Fedex _ Ground"
  2. Do I need to add Default Shipping Name?
    1. No, It is not mandatory to add Default Shipping Name.   If you leave Default Shipping blank, your order will not have shipping method so ACUMEN will leave the shipping method blank.
  3. How Many Shipping Methods I can Map
    1. There is no limit.